Get All Your Answers in One Book!

Get All Your Answers in One Book!

Access the one spiritual resource that holds all you need to know about yourself, your many lifetimes, and how to choose what comes next for you!

You're ready to finally heal your past traumas, pain, and old repeating patterns, but you're not sure how to do it!
Do you feel like you keep playing out the same stories in your life just with different characters and scenery?
Do you feel confused by all the methods out there that claim to help you heal your past emotional trauma and pain?
Do you feel like you keep searching for answers as to why things keep happening in your life or seem to stay the same with all the inner healing work you've already done?
Do you have an inner knowing that what you want to heal or change didn't begin in this lifetime?


I'm with you in having felt this way. 
I know what it's like to do all sorts of inner work to get to a place on your spiritual journey where you feel like you've finally done enough healing to create the results you really want in your life and "bam!" the same old stuff shows up again.  
You start thinking that you'll never really be free of it because how much of it can be there in the first place? 
You feel like everything you've done to get you here on your spiritual journey hasn't really accomplished the healing you want in your life so you can have all the wonderful things that you keep being told will happen from all that you do. 
You are ready to be done with the hamster wheel of healing your past only to have it repeat itself again.  
It is time to be done with it!
What if you can finally get to the origin of your blocks and past traumas to really heal them once and for all?
What if you can understand the "why" behind repeating patterns in your life and change them where they began?
What if you can rewrite your past to make your present more of what you want it to be?
What if you can see clearly what has led you to where you are right now to know what next steps to take for the results you really desire?
Imagine finally having access to the ONE spiritual resource that can reveal everything you need to know about you and how to completely heal your life!
Well, now you can!
Unlock the stories of your Soul's journey and heal your past!
“Tammy's work with me in my Akashic Record helped me let go of some things I had been believing and feeling were true, to opening me up to remembering what was really true for me.
She helped me rewire an aspect of my life that I was stuck on and having trouble with. Tammy is fun, playful and guides me to remember that is our true way of being. As a healer, we also need support, and Tammy was able to get me back on track with the deep guidance and support that she taps into. I received the exact information I needed to know that was perfect in its timing and details. She aligned me back on the path of owning my power and launching my healing passions and gifts. I am appreciative of her and her amazing work.”
Shelley Tomelin, Multidimensional Energy Healer
All the information out there telling you how to "heal your life" can be overwhelming.
Do this and that and you'll get the results you want but that doesn't seem to be happening for least not to the level you really want it to.
What if there was one spiritual resource that could change everything for you and bring the clarity you desire to all that you have experienced in your life?
One resource that holds everything you need to know about you and your journey in this human experience that would finally make sense of it all.
You'll be able to clearly know why you have been repeating situations and patterns in your life that don't necessarily stem even from choices you've made in this lifetime.
Where every detail that you need to understand the experiences you have had, over your many lifetimes, that are still influencing your life now and how to change that is available for you to access anytime you want.
Where creating the life you want to live now makes sense and you actually heal those parts of your past that are keeping you from having all you dream of in this lifetime.
Having all the information you need to create new stories for your life that offer you the love, joy, success and abundance you have been writing in your mind for your life for years to finally come true. 
In this Program, you will have access to information about yourself you never even knew existed that will explain not just what has happened in your life, but what can now happen in it too. It will be the one spiritual resource that makes sense of them all...
With this Program, you’ll:
  • Easily access the stories of all of your lifetimes that your soul has chosen to have in its human experiences for a greater understanding of the patterns, people, and situations you have going on in this lifetime. 
  • Clearly know what next steps to take in the direction you want to go in your life to be living it the way you have been dreaming of. 
  • Heighten your intuition and connection with higher guidance to help you make choices along your journey that increase your joy, peace, and abundance in your life now.
  • Process past emotions and old patterns that are still influencing your life so that you can align with what you want to experience more of without carrying that baggage around with you anymore.
  • Tune into and connect with the information your Akashic Record holds for you to change the energy of your other lifetime stories that are still influencing your life now.
  • Have confidence in the steps you want to take for your future by tuning into the paths available to you and "see" what they have in store for you next.
This Program is a simple and easy way of taking you into the stories of your soul's journey and allowing you to make the changes you want to the energy that is creating your life now. 
It is the answer to your questions of why things are happening in your life and it gives you the power to have them happen the way you want them to!
"I've been working with Tammy privately one on one and we have done work together in my Akashic Record. We've healed aspects of other lifetimes that have still been affecting and influencing my life with great success and the changes are recognizable in my life now.
This work has been very profound and powerful, so when she told me about this program, I was excited to experience working in my Akashic Record for myself as well. As soon as I moved through the program, I immediately connected with my Akashic Record Guides who helped me understand the other lifetime story that presented itself. It related to my 8 week premature birth in this lifetime and made complete sense upon it being revealed to me. It is amazing how the information came to me and was so clear and made so much sense. I have received other programs of Tammy's while I have been working with her and this one is phenomenal! The way she guides you and presents the information helped me to understand the process and then allowed me to do the work for myself too. I didn't expect it to be as easy and simple as she makes it appear when she is doing work in them. She is an incredible teacher, guide and coach. She is the "real deal" when it comes to her knowledge of what she shares and being able to actually do it! I have found that isn't always the case with other healers and coaches, but she is spot on in what she shares with me and I trust her! My life has changed tremendously since I began working with Tammy and I have become a higher level version of who I am and can be. I couldn't even imagine what my life is like now and what I really wanted it to be like until I began working with Tammy! I have chosen to continue to work with Tammy because she is continuing to help me develop the life I now know I can have. I can't recommend her and her work highly enough! If you get the opportunity to work with her in any way, do it!" ~ Tammy Gromek
In this Program, you will receive:
1.  The Instructional Audio that provides you with all the information you need to understand:
  • What the Akashic Records are
  • Why your soul chooses to live multiple lifetimes
  • Why you want to access your Record
  • How you can change the energy of your other lifetime experiences
  • What is like in the Akashic Records 
  • What you can do in them and how to do it 
  • How you go into the energy of your other lifetimes 
  • How to inquire about your future in this lifetime
  • And more
2.  The Activation to Enter Your Akashic Record with Ease is an audio you simply listen to that activates your ability to easily access your Akashic Record whenever you desire. 
3.  The Activation to Connect with Your Guide is an audio you simply listen to that activates the connection with your guide within your Record that will help you navigate, locate and retrieve the information you are looking for along with assisting you in doing the healing work you want to complete.
4.  The Healing Work Audio provides you with a variety of stories and experiences that have been revealed in individual Akashic Records and how the healing work for each was completed. This assists you in understanding how to do healing work in your own Record. 
5.  The Journey into Your Akashic Record Audio that guides you into the Hall of Records and your personal Record where you'll be able to review the stories of your many lifetimes. In doing so, you can identify where your old patterns and emotional traumas originated to do the healing work you desire in them.
Special Bonuses

      Advanced Akashic Record Work

Discover additional advanced ways to work within the energy of your Akashic Record to reveal your theme energy for this lifetime as well as connecting with your personal spirit guides and receiving the details about them so you can consciously know each of them and communicate with them for their higher support in your life.

      Doors to Possibility:  Consciously Stepping into the Next Level of Your Life Guided Audio

With this guided audio, you'll move from the path of probability you are currently on to consciously choosing the new path of possibility you want to take your life more quickly to the next level. 

You'll be able to see what is possible for you in the next several steps you could take and choose to leap forward into those experiences without having to take the slow steps of getting to each one. See what is available next for you in your life now! 

(Value = $198)


“This Akashic Record Program is very informative and helpful in teaching me about my Record and how to best use it.  
The detailed and well explained examples allowed me to better understand what my Record can be used for and the power these Records hold. My experience in my Record was an emotional one. I have a person in my life who is constantly in and out and it is unhealthy for both of us. I wanted to cut ties. In my Record, I saw why. I saw another life in which this person died young and we had an incomplete story. I found a tie in my chest (I assume from grief) and I respectfully cut that tie. My guide helped me rewrite that story in a fulfilling way. It was extremely emotional but I felt strong and settled in my understanding of why this relationship was how it was and I feel confident that the pattern is broken.  I feel overall lighter after cutting the tie. I definitely recommend this program and the benefits that accompany it. It is a chance to change your life and live healthier and happier. By understanding and accepting the realities of other lives, we can change the course of this life.”  Autumn Brown
"When I began working with Tammy, I had just experienced a painful family tragedy.
I was struggling to find the joy in life. Over the time that we worked together, utilizing Tammy's ability to clear unhealthy energetic attachments with other people and past experiences, including those from other lifetimes and generational patterns passed down to me, I was able to come to terms with my family history, which had been negatively influencing my life for my whole life." Marcy
This accessing your Akashic Record program is for you if you…
Are ready for a new level of information that is beyond what you have experienced before.
Are ready to know more about yourself at a deeper level, accessing information about yourself that will seem familiar but will be new as it is offered to you. 
Know that once you access this new information your life will never be the same and who you are becomes more than this finite existence limited to just this one lifetime.
Are willing to invest in yourself and become the best version of yourself because you have the power to understand who you and what is possible for you. 
“Tammy's  "The Key to Your Akashic Record Program" helped me understand and personalize my sense of how I could access and use the Akashic Records for my benefit in a way I never thought possible.
While I’d heard of the Akashic Records for years, I never considered trying to make a personal connection. I thought they were out of reach for the average person. Yet, I still wanted to live a deeper, more spiritually centered life. And, I wanted a deeper meditation experience. After following along with the recordings, I was able to accomplish that with little effort. I felt like I was in touch with my inner being and could do so much more with my life. It was an eye-opening experience for me. Tammy has made it all so easy and simple. For anyone wanting to go deeper into their own spiritual power, this is a purposeful and divinely guided program. I not only can access the Records, I can also use them for my benefit any time I feel guided to do so. I invite you to experience your own inner being!" Tina DeMarco, Memoir Writing Coach
"You are wonderful and have incredible healing skills.
When we spoke, you helped me release the emotions I was holding onto about my mother, which was 17 years of misery that I didn't have to live with. I didn't know that was one of my issues when I spoke with you but you helped me to understand that it was and helped me to let her go. That changed my life and understanding of everything. I would recommend that others use your services to heal their issues that are holding them back too."  Tracy Burks
"I was guided to connect with Tammy as I have been struggling with a situation for some time.
I was sensing that it was past life related. With her work with the Akashic Records this indeed confirmed this. The healing and clearing that she facilitated unleashed all of the barriers that I had built around myself preventing from true healing. Since the profound healing and clearing I have noticed the shifts within, subtle changes with higher clarity. For the first time in a few years, I am starting to have peace in my heart. I highly recommend Tammy to assist you in stepping into your full potential. Thank you Tammy, there really are no words to describe what you have done for me."  Shelly
I have been aware of my spiritual journey my whole life, and I still have those “sticky” patterns that seem to find their way back to the surface every time I believe I have done the work to finally be complete with them. With all the work I have done to get me to where I am today, I was still looking for the one thing on my spiritual journey that would provide me with the information I wanted to access to understand the things happening in my life and how I could finally make the conscious changes I knew would give me the results I really want in my life. 
Early on in my journey, when I was much younger and wasn’t fully aware of how to navigate the experiences I frequently had, I had to figure things out on my own, which was not always easy and often very uncomfortable and confusing. I wished I had more support and human guidance to help me along my way.
Now, I can easily tap into all kinds of information, guidance and communication with higher beings and having the Akashic Records and the infinite information they hold, as a resource I can access and work with any time I want, has taken my abilities to a new level. 
I no longer have to wonder where the old patterns, emotions or experiences in my life originate from. I can now work with the energy of whence they came and transform it into the new way I want to be living my life now.
"Things in my life got to a place that I really wanted a change and I didn't know how to do it on my own.
I wasn't quite sure what Tammy did exactly, but I felt guided to connect with her more. In the very first session, we removed another lifetime attachment to a toxic relationship I had been in for several decades. It was amazing what I felt as she released the hook that was in my energy field, originating in another lifetime. Now, that person is no longer an influence in my life, or my energy, and I am enjoying new relationship connections and opportunities for a healthy, happy one. She also did clearing and releasing work, that again originated in other lifetimes, for other very significant and close relationships in my life, and they have improved so much from what they were. Even the others in them, once I shared what had occurred in the sessions, recognize that they feel different as well and it is all more positive for all of us. I have experienced a shift in the heaviness and lack of clarity and trust I was experiencing, to now recognize what is true for me more. I trust myself and my instincts more now too. Something even more unexpected from this work is that others have noticed something different about me. Nothing they can quite put their finger on, but I have been getting comments that I look like I have been on vacation or lost weight. My life has definitely changed for the better since working with Tammy. I would highly recommend working with her to create desired change in your life as well."   Rasheda Devaney
It’s time to access the resource you have available to you to transform your life in powerful ways!
Your Akashic Record holds all the knowledge, wisdom and information you need to create your life the way you want it to be, so start accessing and using it NOW!
Frequently Asked Questions
Am I ready to access and use my Akashic Record for healing my past and transforming my life in this one? 
         A: Since you are reading this, then yes, you are ready. You have been working your way up to this since you began your spiritual journey, however and whenever that was. It has been with you all along, and now you are ready to access it for yourself and experience all the growth and healing it has to offer to you in your life now. 
What will happen once I access my Akashic Record?
        A: You'll have the ability to do amazing things in your life with the knowledge you'll have as to what other lifetimes you have lived, what your journey throughout them has been like, and what your soul receive from the experiences.
What if I don't feel I can afford it?
         A:  The simple answer to that question is that if you feel you can not afford it, then you are not ready for this level of experience or energy it offers yet. It may be that it is necessary for you to have additional experiences before you go into this one. One thing about energetically and spiritually based work is that it is made up of layers and levels that must be moved through to progress to the next one.  Once you open yourself up to the information that is held within your Akashic Record, there is no "unknowing" it so there is a level at which you will be to be ready to access all it has to offer. Sometimes you are just not ready for the next level yet. If it is out of fear, then that relates to your limiting beliefs around money and I'd invite you to ask yourself what you want more...the outcome this offers or staying in your limiting beliefs with money.
Will I have additional support once I receive the Activation?
         A: Yes. There is a Live Q&A call with me to ask your questions and receive guidance in the work you are doing in your Record. You'll receive the information for the call within the Program and you will have time to work through the material at least a few times before it so you can receive support from what you have experienced. There is also a VIP private session with me that I am offering at as an additional special offer if you purchase it with the Program today.
Is there a guarantee or refund policy?
         A: With spiritual, metaphysical and energetic work, what you are being provided is not "tangible" by nature, so there is nothing to "return" as it is shifting your energy and that is permanent. So, there are no refunds offered. As for a guarantee, I can promise that you will experience shifts within your energy system, your life and you'll have access to your Akashic Record and the information it holds for you there. How profoundly or subtly your results and experiences are for you will be in relation to what you allow in and the level at which you are ready to receive it as it will keep unfolding and revealing itself to you as you continue on your life's path.
You are welcome to ask me any questions you may have, that are not listed here, to help you decide if this Activation is best for you now.
Discover how the Akashic Records can become your most powerful spiritual resource for manifesting your desired reality!
Recieve The Key to Your Akashic Record Program
ONLY $297
"With each Akashic Record session I experience with Tammy, deeper healing and transformation occurs within myself and in my life.
There aren't words to describe it properly. I'm not sure how it actually happens but it goes beyond what I imagined it could be and always surprises me on the results I experience almost immediately after each session. I truly appreciate this work and how wonderfully Tammy offers it to us. Simply amazing!" Randie Rolontz
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