Take Your Spiritual Evolution and

Growth to New Heights

Tune into a higher level of clarity and confidence to create your new amazing life stories without the heaviness of your past holding you back

Do you feel a lack of clarity and motivation around the actions to take to create the results you ​desire on your spiritual path?
Do you feel overly tired, sluggish or low on energy that keeps you from living into your divine purpose more fully?
Has self-sabotage and fear-based thinking kept you doubting your connection with higher guidance and your ability to share your spiritual gifts?


You've done your spiritual work but you still have the same blocks showing up in your life!
I've experienced this too. 
I know what it's like to do all sorts of inner work to get you to a place on your spiritual journey where you feel like you've finally done enough healing work to create the results you really want in your life.  
You thought you had finally worked through your old "stuff" only to end up feeling like it was all for naught.
You feel discouraged, disheartened, and have lost your motivation. 
You can still see the patterns of self-sabotage and fear that you have worked on over and over but seem to be hitting the same blocks again and again. 
It all feels so exhausting!
What if you can finally be clear on your next steps to take to create the life you love?
What if you can have the deep and lasting healing of being aligned and living your divine purpose in every moment of your life?
Imagine finally stepping into the next level of your spiritual evolution and growth and how that will change everything for you!
Well, now you can!
Introducing the...
The Activation to open your new higher frequency Akashic Record that will give you the power to create lifetimes of new possibilities!
I’ve been feeling lighter and less bogged down with thoughts and heavy feelings.
I feel like my heart has become expanded and can take in more love and gratitude. My motivation has increased and I am receiving exciting money and community building idea downloads. I have this sense that I’ve been given permission to finally put my past behind me, to stop dwelling over the negativity of it all, and to start creating a new, more loving and more prosperous chapter of my life.”
Libbii Armstrong, Soul Biz Witch & Coach
There is so much information out there on how to raise your vibration, awaken spiritually, and create a life you love.
What if there was one step you could take that would open your energy field up to resonating with the parts of that information that are best for you as you travel your life's path?
A step that could bring all of the inner work you've done into a new higher field of consciousness and awareness.
Where creating the life you dream of happens with greater ease, expectancy, and flow...in ways you have yet to imagine.
It all opens up with clarity, confidence, and connection for you. No more shiny-object syndrome when it comes to finding the spiritual path you feel you are meant to be on.
In this Group Activation Session, you will step into a new level of energetic frequency that is now available to you. It will bring an “ending” to the level you’ve been in that has you feeling stuck on your spiritual journey.
With this Activation into the higher Akashic Field, you’ll:
  • Easily access higher information and guidance for greater focus, clarity, and motivation in your daily life and on your spiritual journey.
  • Take deeply aligned action and be able to more clearly know the next steps to take with the courage and insight you need to move forward.
  • Heighten your intuition and empathic abilities with higher guidance being clear and easier to understand while you receive new idea downloads to express your divine gifts and purpose.
  • Process past emotions and old patterns that are still influencing you so that you can have a renewed sense of well-being, hope, and joy again.
  • Experience a more profound sense of confidence and being at home in your own skin, increasing your vitality and vigor for life. 
  • Know what is best for you through the conscious treatment of your body which results in easily releasing excess weight, improving your sleep quality, and slowing the aging process.
  • Experience the restructuring of your physical body to acclimate you to the higher vibrational frequencies that you are now in, upgrading your cellular memory for greater wholeness and well-being throughout your body as well as aligning your DNA with its original divine soul blueprint.
  • Tune into and connect with the vastness of information available to you within this new level of the Akashic Field, allowing you to call forth, more quickly and immediately, all that you desire to manifest now.
  • Increase awareness and connection to your physical and intuitive senses (the Clairs ~ clairvoyance, clairaudience, claircognizance, and clairsentience), allowing you to experience your life in heightened ways through your physical surroundings as you receive higher messages clearly.
This Activation is a totally new way of moving you into the new level of the Akashic Field that has just opened up in the new higher frequencies that the collective energy is moving into.
It is the ascension process of your spiritual growth that you have been waiting for!
My ability to have faith in myself and my work, and feel optimistic about life, has returned and I feel a deeper sense of confidence and at home within my own skin.
I feel like I have gotten a karmic clean slate and can see past the pattern of self sabotage and fear based thinking that had me doubting and questioning my guidance. A lot of the patterns that weren’t serving me and the hang ups I had around feeling successful, taking deeply aligned action, and being able to more clearly see the actions that need to be taken, in my life and my business, have changed for the better and become clearer. I went from a depressed mess in serious doubt about everything in my life to the activated business woman and spiritual leader I truly am, leaning into a new super aligned pivot point.” 
Lindsay Baldassano, Spiritual Gifts and Witch Empowerment Mentor
In this Group Activation Session, you will receive:
1.  The Akashic Field Recalibration Session is 60 minutes where you will journey into the new Akashic Field and your energy will be recalibrated to its new frequency to complete the Activation for you. There will be time for Q&A after the Activation is complete.
2.  The Activation Guide which offers details about the Activation, walks you through what you may experience, and shares how your life will change as a result of having this Activation at this time in human history. (PDF document)
3.  Post Activation Journaling for you to stay present, aware, and conscious of the transformations that are occurring for you as your energy gets acclimated to the new level of energies that are being created for you right now. (PDF document)
4.  Guided Audio to Access the new Akashic Field and your new Record that takes you on a guided journey with Archangel Metatron to access the new higher energies whenever you'd like to explore them and what they offer to you, as well as inviting them to be part of enhancing your physical experience while you are here.
5.  Follow-up support, as needed, via email for the 9 days after the Activation to assist you as you move through the powerful changes you’ll be experiencing during the initial time of the Activation process. 
Special Bonuses
1. You'll be added to my daily energy work for seven days to hold you in the high frequency of ease, flow, and integration as you move through the shifts that will happen in your energy during this process. This is the work I do for myself before I start each day and you'll be included in it too. (value = priceless)

2. Awakening the Core Essence™ Activation and Journey to Your Soul Guided Exercise 

This Activation was shared through the guidance of Mary Magdelene as a way to access your divine gifts and talents through the Core Essence point, which once activated, allows your Soul to share with you what it wanted to experience fully in this lifetime. 
Through these guided audios, you'll have your Core Essence awakened and activated so you can receive guidance straight from your Soul. 

Once activated, you'll go on a journey to connect with your Soul and have the ability to converse directly with it to discover what it knows about you, your life plans, what comes next, and so much more! (value = $198)

Choose from one of 3 dates to participate live in the Akashic Field Recalibration Activation:
TBA at 3:00 pm Eastern
TBA at 9:00 pm Eastern
TBA at 1:11 pm Eastern
Your investment for this brand new, unique Activation is
Only $657
A limited number of spots are available in each time slot to keep the group’s energy intimate and easy for me to hold the individual space for each one of you as you experience the Activation and changes that will occur.
Due to the nature of this work, it is necessary to be live for this Activation, so choose the time that works best for you to join.
Say YES to yourself today and take your spiritual evolution and growth to new heights!
Choose from one of these 3 dates and times:
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“I can feel a great shift in my awareness of almost every experience and interaction.
I feel calmer about situations in my life that were agitating and stressing me before the activation. My meditations have felt differently and have a deeper sense of presence in them now. I’ve gotten more things accomplished and feel a greater sense of motivation to do so because I did not want to do anything other than sleep before I had the activation. I’ve been motivated to, and enjoying, moving my body more. My sleep has been more restful which has prompted me to be more motivated in the morning as I get my day going. The rollercoaster of thoughts and emotions I’d been experiencing have calmed and I feel more spiritually, mentally and emotionally inspired. I’m becoming more aware of how I think and experience my reality. My overall experience with the activation has been deeper clarity, consistent feelings of presence (inner witness), bubbling intuition, and motivation to move beyond challenges."  
Colette Hoeller
The Akashic Field Recalibration Activation is for you if you…
Have been on your spiritual journey long enough to understand what raising your vibration, consciousness, and frequency mean.
Are ready for a new higher level of consciousness because you want the more that is available to you! Once you step into this level, you will remain there, so you’ve checked in with your inner guidance to confirm the time is right for you now.
Know that there is something more to all the spiritual growth work you have already done and can feel there
Are willing to invest in yourself and your highest potential you came here to experience and DECIDE you deserve the life you want to live at the next level available for you now.
There are a limited number of spots for each Activation session, so choose the date and time for you to be one of the first people to receive this high-level Activation and take your life in this human experience to new heights and possibilities.
Registration Closes, so Register Today!
I have been aware of my spiritual journey my whole life, and I still have those “sticky” patterns that seem to find their way back to the surface every time I believe I have done the work to finally be complete with them. With all the work I have done to get me to where I am today, I was still feeling like I wasn’t quite going where I wanted to on my spiritual journey, just investing a ton of money in information, products and services that would help me a little, but I’d fall right back into the same patterns I was working on so much to move out of for good.
Early on in my journey, when I was much younger and wasn’t fully aware of how to navigate the experiences I frequently had, I had to figure things out on my own, which was not always easy and often very uncomfortable and confusing. I wished I had more support and human guidance to help me along my way.
Now, I can easily tap into all kinds of information, guidance and communication with higher beings and even then, I have my moments of feeling like I am not moving in the direction I truly desire and feel called to step into.
Until recently… when, while working with Archangel Metatron, he performed this Activation on me that has completely changed where I am vibrationally, my focus and alertness, and my connection to the infinite field of awareness in new ways and at new levels. Once I processed it for myself, I was guided to share it with others, so that is what I am doing here.
No more having to feel stuck and running in circles with all that you have accomplished and worked through to get here! I am here to help you experience a new level of yourself, your gifts and your connection with collective field of consciousness.
“I was feeling unfocused with lack of clarity and motivation around my business and my spirituality.
I knew the direction of my life’s purpose, but the road to travel there was murky. From the day of the recalibration, I have been extremely focused and have abundant energy, which is unusual for me since I had been feeling sluggish with low energy. I slept like a teenager after the recalibration. I’ve received clear direction on where my guides want me to take my business and have received a download for two new programs to start working on. Several days into the recalibration, I began to notice that my body and sleep cycles were adjusting, and what I wanted to eat and drink were shifting as well. My intuition and empathic abilities have heightened, and my connection with the natural forces is greater and easier to tap into. The recalibration helped me to find the clarity, courage and insight I needed moving forward and helped to make my transformation journey a success."
Anna Hume, Intuitive Spiritual Coach
It’s time to quit testing out the waters on your spiritual journey and dive right in!
You’ve done the work to get here, now it is time to take the leap into the deep end of what is possible for you to be the powerful creator of your life in this reality!
Frequently Asked Questions
Am I ready for this level Activation and the vibrational energy I will now be in?
         A: You'll know that you are ready for this Activation if are ready to take your spiritual journey to the next level. This Activation brings together all that you have already been doing and enhances it. Also, if you recognize yourself as a way-shower, change-maker or feel drawn to lead others into new energies and experiences, then this is for you. Being someone who is willing to go first and let others know it is okay because you have done so is a perfect fit for this new level of exploration and possibility being offered to us now. There are endless benefits to the Activation for yourself and your own spiritual journey.
What will happen once I receive the Activation?
        A: Since this is a new dimensional level that has opened up to us, the possibilities are limitless. In the information above you can review some of the benefits, results, and experiences you can anticipate having along with more that will be specific to you and what you want to experience. 
What if I don't feel I can afford it?
         A:  The simple answer to that question is that if you feel you can not afford it, then you are not ready for this level of experience or energy it offers yet. It may be that it is necessary for you to have additional experiences before you go into this one. One thing about expanding your consciousness, awareness, and vibration is that you can not go back once you do. Sometimes you are just not ready for the next level yet. If it is out of fear, then that relates to your limiting beliefs around money and I'd invite you to ask yourself what you want more...the outcome this offers or staying in your limiting beliefs with money.
Will I have additional support once I receive the Activation?
         A: Yes. You will have 9 days after the Activation of support from me to ask your questions and share your experiences in a private Facebook Group, as it takes up to 7 days to process the Activation within your energy system. You will also receive an audio, created by me, to guide you into the new Akashic Field and your new Record. You can choose to have additional private sessions with me, that are available to enhance the Activation, to assist you in processing lower level emotions and experiences that come up relating to the energy in your old Record and we can program your new Record with the desires you want to experience now with confidence and clarity. And, you can connect with Archangel Metatron who is always available to assist you.
Is there a guarantee or refund policy?
         A: With spiritual, metaphysical and energetic work, what you are being provided is not "tangible" by nature, so there is nothing to "return" as it is shifting your energy and that is permanent. So, there are no refunds offered. As for a guarantee, I can promise that you will experience shifts within your energy system, your life and you'll have access to the new Akashic Field and your new Record, but what you do with that is up to you. How profoundly or subtly they are for you will be in relation to what you allow in and the level at which you are ready to receive it as it will keep unfolding and revealing itself to you as you continue on your life's path.
You are welcome to ask me any questions you may have, that are not listed here, to help you decide if this Activation is best for you now.
Say YES to yourself today and take your spiritual evolution and growth to new heights!
Choose from one of these 3 dates and times:
Registration Closes, so Register Today!
“All I can say is thank you so much.
With the Akashic Record work we’ve done together, along with the follow-up sessions, I’ve gained some real tangible results from working with you. I now have a clear idea about what I want to do job wise, and the confidence to do it. Plus I’ve been sleeping better than I have in a long time. I feel directly connected with some new beings, more open to the Akashic Field, and excited to resolve issues in my old Record and start filling my new Record. Your meditations are beautiful and so relevant to what I need right now. I can’t speak highly enough of your services. You are warm, kind, genuine, relatable and very funny! I also really appreciate that you take the time to thoughtfully respond to emails and listen to me to help me to get the results I desire, even when I’m not sure what those were at first. And, I appreciate your honesty, integrity and sincerity in the way you direct me to the next steps in working with you that will most benefit me and what I want to experience, not just for the sake of offering them to me. Thank you again.” Jacki M